SOS Welcomes New Business Members

Please support these businesses who support sustainability in our community:


The Supreme Cleaning Inc.
Allison Guimond
890 Cactus Drive

Jerome Smith & Sally High

Pagosa Verde
PO Box 1379

Joe Slater & Mary Beth McAuley
Novus Windshield Glass Repair & Replacement
169 A Goldmine Dr.

Greg and Dena Schick
Sunset Vacation Cabins
and Veterinary Services
4186 E. Hwy 160


Who’s Got Time to Deal with the Environment?

So what, who cares? I’m too busy to volunteer. There’s not enough time in the day. I’m exhausted! With our modern-world busy and hectic lifestyles, we constantly hear these laments. But let’s look at this differently–if we bungle the planet nothing else matters! Carpools, politics, errands, PTA, work, yoga, and watching the game all go by the wayside if our environment is in such turmoil that nothing else can get done. This is the reality we need to realign our priorities with.

“Relying on national governments alone to deliver [environmental] results is not enough” (Esty, 2014, para. 5). Around the world, the real action on these issues needs to come from a bottom-up approach. On the ground, locals are the ones best positioned to make change happen. In this vein, you’ve heard the term ‘think globally, act locally.’ What exactly does that mean and look like?

Imagine a world where every individual, household, community and town, state, region, nation, and continent were as resource conservation conscious and efficient as possible. Imagine a zero pollution and waste ethic. The effects would be immense. Economies would flourish because there would be less money leaking out of local economies and spent on inefficiencies. This would not only provide more household funds, but more socially beneficial programs, not to mention the beauty from an in-tact environment.

The Southwest Organization for Sustainability[1] (SOS) has been working on environmental issues in Archuleta County since 2007. Among a host of other activities we sponsor the community’s Annual Farmers Market, Annual Earth Day Celebration, and book and film donations to the local library. And we desperately need you! We need your membership, your help in the form of time, and/or your financial support to keep these vitally important programs going. Consider realigning your priorities and join us today!


Esty, D. C. (2014, September 22). Bottom-up climate fix. New York Times. Retrieved from!topic/weatherlist/NdllVLJjBpc

[1] There are now more than 100 definitions of sustainability. We choose to align with the most recognized, which was coined by the United Nations Brundtland Report as “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


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